About Dave Pidgeon

That day of light rain and fog, when I arrived at St. William in the aging Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, I was a writer without a story. At 33 years old, father of a newborn and three years removed from the layoff that ended my newspaper career, I lacked inspiration, hadn’t enjoyed a byline in years, and as I entered the church for my grandmother’s funeral Mass, I believed my writing career was behind me.

By the time the day ended, a story found me.

My name is Dave. I’m a writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa. And here at Pidgeon’s-Eye View, I’m sharing a journey as I endeavor to write a creative nonfiction memoir about investigating family secrets and the race to reunite a mother and son who 60 years before had been forcibly separated by someone I knew.

I’m a former newspaper and magazine journalist, a railroad public relations, and a top-rated presenter at the annual HippoCamp creative nonfiction conference in Lancaster.

I’m documenting this effort at writing and publishing a manuscript for those who also want to tell their own stories, to see the challenges and potential solutions, to find inspiration to make their own way to having a book published.

I’m also a people and places photographer, having worked in weddings and general portraiture while also enjoying landscape, travel, and nature photography. Here at Pidgeon’s-Eye View, I share my photo adventures and some insights for writers who wish to improve their photography, too.

I’m the proud Dad of three beautiful boys and husband to Alison Pidgeon, an entrepreneur and consultant in the mental health industry.

You can contact me at dave@pidgeonseyeview.com.