About Dave

I’m tugged by a pair of gravitational forces, which for years refused to compromise and led to indecision, frustration, and tapped motivation.

Yanking at one side of me is my lifelong work as a writer. I’ve spent the bulk of my education and career, whether full-time or on the side, writing newspaper, magazine, and nonfiction journalistic stories.

However, something else emerged about eight years ago shortly after the birth of my first son and when I left journalism for work in public relations. I became enamored with image making, even going so far as to start a wedding and portrait business.

Writing. Photography. Both require an abundance of time, and what’s more, not only do I work full-time, but my wife and I are raising three boys. Time is a finite resource.

We’re bombarded these days by advice from the Internet marketing gurus who demand we pick a niche for our blogs, Instagram accounts, photo websites, and so on. But what if I say “no,” and just embrace specializing in not specializing. What if I stop trying to come up with a perfect plan for this website and social media accounts and — stick we me here — just write and publish photos?

Hi, I’m Dave, a writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa. Here at Pidgeons-Eye View, I share insights into the writing life, which today focuses on a memoir about the effort to reunite my father with his birth mother 60 years after they were forcibly separated. I also write about parenthood, and well, whatever comes to mind.

I also publish at Pidgeon’s-Eye View images from my work as a photographer, which could be anything from travel to macro to portraiture to fill-your-heart images of my children growing up.

The point is, I guess, that writing and photography, it doesn’t have to be a binary choice any more. I don’t have time or an interest in focusing on one thing at the sacrifice of others. This is a creative life, and if our instinct is to pursue both, well, who’s to say I shouldn’t when I know I should.

You can contact me at dave@pidgeonseyeview.com.