About Dave

Dave, Pidgeon, Writer, Lancaster, Cincinnati, Photographer, Lancaster Wedding Photographer

Dave Pidgeon is a professional writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa., best known today as the author of Dad Diaries, a monthly column appearing in Susquehanna Style about being father to a pair of young boysHis writing strives to convey the lighthearted but poignant misadventures of fatherhood and the writing life.

He’s currently working on a book-length project about the true story of a man who, as an infant in the mid-1950s, was abducted from his birth mother and the son who tried to reunite them almost 60 years later.

Dave was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in rural southern Lancaster County, Pa. He enjoys hiking, backyard fires, vinyl records, the Cincinnati Reds, mowing the lawn (no lie), music by Josh Ritter, and more.

Causing Dadmage provides insight, commentary, and stories about the writing life, stories behind Dave’s stories, fatherhood, and more.