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From baby spit up on our clothes to Kindergarten graduation, from the stress of planning and attending kid birthday parties to the poignant connections weaving between multiple generations … that’s what I write about.

I’m Dave Pidgeon, a Lancaster, Pa.-based writer and photographer. And like you I’ve been searching for something ever since I heard crying fill the delivery room as our firstborn took his first breath. There are moments we laugh, we cringe, we cry, and we wonder whether we’re doing this whole parenting thing right.

Are we? Are you? And how do we know?

What’s true about parenting is once it happens, once you become a mother or father, your world instantly changes, and so do you. It’s at the same time wonderful and disconcerting, as your relationships with your friends, even your significant other, begin evolving, hopefully for the better, but that’s not always the case.

Here at Pidgeon’s-Eye View, I write about searching for a better way to be a parent. Not a perfect way. A better way.

Father to a newborn baby
My first son’s first week.

I’m also interesting in finding a connection between our experiences. There’s something in our hearts, minds, and the shared experience of being parents which bond writer and reader, and with my writing, I’m going for that bond.

We want a well-rounded life, one that makes parenting meaningful for us and our children, and we also want to hold on to the parts of ourselves separate from our parenting lives. Like you I left a lot of who I was behind when I became a father. Parenting requires us to let go of parts of ourselves for the sake of our children (and for the mental health of our significant others; this takes teamwork).

Letting go is healthy, your children need the parenting version of you, not the mid-20s-going-out-to-the-bar-buying-superfluous-stuff-watching-sports-for-8-hours-on-a-Saturday you. But too much letting go of who you are can also lead to a breakdown, and that’s not good for the kids either.

There’s something else too. The past truly is prologue, and together we’ll look into the stories and legends of previous generations of parents because there’s truth to be found there.

So open a box of wine, squeeze the spout, and enjoy a glass with me as we swap stories of parenting glory here.

Have a story idea? Thoughts? Contact me at dave@pidgeonseyeview.com.

Dave Pidgeon is a writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa. During his 20-year career, he’s written about politics, outdoor adventure travel, and fatherhood for various newspapers and magazines. He also completed the wedding photography course at the Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Photography and enjoys creative portraiture.