Having a Baby at 40


Why I’m a little scared to be a father again

Welcome to my confession. Maybe I’m turning to you, readers, for guidance and some reassurance. I’m not afraid to admit it, even if I’m 40 and should know better. What I’m about to tell you sometimes keeps me up at night. Sometimes thinking about it draws my attention away from my job, and I have to move from my desk and take a walk to clear the mind. This source of some anxiety I’ve largely kept hidden from everyone around...

Here come the gender disappointment questions

Here come the gender disappointment questions

We know it’s inevitable. People will ask the question, and they’ll do so with the best of intentions. “Are you disappointed it’s not a girl?” As previously announced, we’re expecting our third child in June 2019, and at 12 weeks, we learned the baby will be a boy. Our third boy. So it seems reasonable for people to get inquisitive. I can’t blame them. They’re curious. They’re concerned. Anyone who decides to have a third child when the previous two are...

I'm turning 40, and we're having Baby No. 3

I’m turning 40, and we’re having Baby No. 3

Sometime during the Spring, my wife, Alison, and I enjoyed a rare date night, a few kid-free hours when we go to a restaurant and choose menu items without hearing “Daddy, I don’t like it.” It’s bliss. But on this particular date night, my wife brought up a subject I didn’t see coming. “I want to have another baby,” she said to me, and then laughed because my face must have looked like she just told me we were moving...