The Photo Life


Creating a magazine cover photo

I recall sitting among the crowd for hours, waiting for the sun to set, listening to a U.S. Army band fill the air with patriotic numbers. I pointed a newly purchased wide angle lens skyward. When finally the 1812 Overture reached its climax, the whistle of the first firecracker pierced the music, followed by a percussion and streams of gold and green spilling down the night's canvas.

Persevering through the pandemic with photography

This is going to be a quick but important post. And it might just help you persevere through these times. I’m no photo guru or distributor of universal wisdom. Like many of you, I’m struggling daily to maintain a balance between my job (public relations for a higher education system), my roles as a husband and father of three young children, and my vocation (photography and writing). And I mean some days really struggling. If we are to make it through this...

Boy sticking out his tongue

Morning light photos with siblings

The mind screamed at the time on the watch. I was already running late, and I had about an hour-long morning commute ahead of me. But the heart said stop and look at the light. The late July sun had not yet fully bloomed, which meant soft light our bedroom. And there in the middle of our bed lay the newborn, Finn. Get the shot, the heart said. Use your camera for just for a few minutes. It’ll be worth...

Three truths that will improve your photography

During our lives and pursuits of being better photographers, moments of great consequence unveil themselves, induce goosebumps, and change the course of the direction we follow. If we’re paying attention. Like a lot of you, I began with a simple DSLR in my hands, and when I chose to improve my photography, I insatiably consumed every YouTube video, every how-to book, every resource I could find. I wanted the secret; the one that would unlock the potential I knew existed...