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Searching old high school yearbooks for family history clues
That time my family owned a grocery store (and no one remembers); family history, ancestry, genealogy
I’m a 39-year-old Dad who journals. Get over it.

I’m a 39-year-old Dad who journals. Get over it.

I’m going to walk up to the altar of shame and admit something to you. Five days a week, Monday through Friday, I pick up a pen and write in a journal. Yup. I’m that uncool. I’m so uncool that I’m not even using an app and a keyboard, instead choosing to go the old-fashion route — a leather-bound journal, a pen, and at the risk of cramping in my palm, I handwrite each entry. Jealous? No? Well, you should...

Why Cincinnati? A look at the Queen City's role in the story; Cincinnati, Queen City, Genealogy, Family History,
When writer's block keeps you from starting

When writer’s block keeps you from starting

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You’ve read a few books in the same genre as your work-in-progress, you feel inspired, you’re inspired to begin a new draft of your book. You begin writing a few paragraphs. But no, not quite right. Not the right tone, not the right imagery, better to start again. You write more. Dah! It still feels wrong. Again and again and again this process repeats itself, and suddenly you find yourself locked in...

The gateway between what was and will be

Between what was and will be on Independence Day

As I saunter from the East Coast to the Midwest city of St. Louis, standing on the precipice of everything wonderful I’ve imagined, both in terms os geography (the mountains, deserts, and forests of the west) and my life (about to turn 40), it’s a time of excitement, determination, and challenge. I ponder from time to time what previous generations would say if they could see me now. Do I complain about matters which seem trivial to them, those who...