PHOTO ESSAY: A quarantine haircut for the Kindergartner

June 3, 2020

It was long-past due.

Our family (like many here in Pennsylvania) has lived in self-isolation for 11 weeks.

Wow! It’s been that long? That’s truly hard to fathom.

As you can imagine, the hair atop the heads of our three children have grown and grown and grown. And so my wife took it upon herself to grab some clippers, lead the children into the garage, and with a hope and a prayer start cutting off the mops.

I reached for my camera and noticed I left attached from a previous shoot my wide-angle lens. Instinct caused me to think about reaching for my trusty telephoto, but moments like this, unfolding fast, can sometimes push your creativity. So I decided to leave the wide angle lens on.

This was an opportunity to tell a story through photos, more than just a simple before-and-after comparison. Look at the expression (or lack thereof) on my son’s face. Excited ambitious quickly melted into apprehension.

By the end, however, he found satisfaction in the mirror. He asked for a mohawk. He got something like it.

The wide-angle lens worked out well since my wife administered the haircut in our garage. Wide angles are great for capturing both action and the environment, and if I had to do it all over again, I would’ve moved them closer to the open garage door. The light would’ve been stronger, and you’d see more of the mess of shelves, tools, sports equipment, snow sleds, and so on that is the character of any garage.

Still, as this pandemic continues on and we continue to self-isolate, moments like this present opportunities for parents with images to tell a full story.

Smiling Boy
My middle son awakes his first haircut since we began self-isolation due to the quarantine.
Boy hair cut
My wife begins applying the clippers to our son’s hair.
Boy getting a haircut
The look on our son’s face says a lot about his experience. Expression — or lack thereof — makes a photograph.
Boy getting a haircut
Getting a look at her handy work.
Boy getting a haircut
My wife putting on the final touches.
Boy getting a hair cut
He seems satisfied with the result.
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