Creative Process


Creating a magazine cover photo

I recall sitting among the crowd for hours, waiting for the sun to set, listening to a U.S. Army band fill the air with patriotic numbers. I pointed a newly purchased wide angle lens skyward. When finally the 1812 Overture reached its climax, the whistle of the first firecracker pierced the music, followed by a percussion and streams of gold and green spilling down the night's canvas.

Silhouette of amusement park swings

My creative process begins with the aperture

Some of the best photographers I’ve worked with and learned from employ a creative process that leads to stunning images. The process is innate, like a muscle memory, learned over time and through hundreds of thousands of shutter clicks. Photography is a skill, and like any other skill, mastery of it requires practice. The more you practice, the more you develop instincts. And those instincts serve you whenever you’re photographing a baby’s first steps or a  family vacation to the...