Photographing Children


Persevering through the pandemic with photography

This is going to be a quick but important post. And it might just help you persevere through these times. I’m no photo guru or distributor of universal wisdom. Like many of you, I’m struggling daily to maintain a balance between my job (public relations for a higher education system), my roles as a husband and father of three young children, and my vocation (photography and writing). And I mean some days really struggling. If we are to make it through this...

Boy sticking out his tongue

Photographing the first days of newborn Finn

I couldn’t recall the last time I put much thought into photography. Months maybe. Other than an hour of capturing maternity portraits of my wife on the Jersey Shore back in the Spring, I largely felt a diminished drive for photography. It’s not hard to see why. This year has been one of profound new beginnings. Most importantly I’ve transitioned from a stay-at-home Dad/freelancer to starting not one but TWO new full-time jobs. I’ve gone from commuting from the kitchen...